Explosion Safety Audits

Developing an Explosion Safety Audit

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What we will do for you

  • we will carry out an explosion safety audit of the production facilities, plant and industrial facilities, as well as their design
  • we will identify the weakest point of the audited facilities that should be first adapted to meet the regulatory requirements
  • we will issue recommendations concerning measures to be taken to meet the applicable regulatory requirements

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Because for the last 20 years we have completed hundreds of explosion safety projects directly in customers’ facilities. Apart from regulatory studies our activities also include physical adaptation of industrial plant to explosion safety and process requirements. This is why we have gained unique experience in all major industries – from the food industry, through the chemical and petrochemical industries, to the energy and wood industries.


Risk assessment for the flour receiving, storage and transport system

Power Industry Looks after Safety of Their Facilities – Explosion Protection Document for Four Heating Plants and Two Boiler Houses

Provide a complete dust and gas extraction system for two production lines in an aluminium industry manufacturing plant located in Western Europe

Dedicated Explosion Safety System (DESS) for four dedusting installations in the pharmaceutical industry

Monitoring dangerous gas concentrations with gas detection systems

Explosion risk assessment of the starch and gelatin receiving, storage and transport system

Explosion safety audit of the sewage sludge drying, transport and storage divisions

Analysis and assessment of explosion risk for a dedusting filter project

Project of modernization of a bucket elevator and chips containers

Comprehensive adjustment of the production facility to the requirements of explosion and process safety conditions

Contrary to the explosion protection document or explosion risk assessment, the audit is not required by law. It aims at showing quickly and efficiently any deficiencies in explosion safety and at giving recommendations which are to improve safety.

An audit report provides the preliminary knowledge of any changes, if required, and costs which such changes may entail.